The Benefits Of Window Lettering
19/06/15 News

The Benefits Of Window Lettering

New small businesses often open on a tight budget.

There’s a lot you need to spend your money on to get your business up and running, all without knowing if your new endeavour is going to be successful. To make matters worse, things normally need to come together in a very short amount of time. It can be quite frightening!

But don’t worry; the experts here at Burry Signs have a suggestion that can hopefully help.

We all know signs are a tried and true advertising medium. Often I hear my clients tell me they acquired a new client as soon as their sign went up. We’ve even had passers by stop us mid-installation to ask us about the new store opening in the neighbourhood.

Storefront signs can be expensive, and we at Burry Signs understand that you need to get your name out in order for the money to start rolling in. That’s why we suggest window lettering if you’re looking for a good place to start.

Most storefronts have window space that allows prospective and returning clients to look through. Why not use your window for the perfect eye-level sign? Since window lettering is applied to the glass, you don’t have to buy an expensive panel to display your name. Window lettering also offers you the flexibility of either a semi-permanent solution or a permanent sign solution depending on your needs.

When window lettering is well applied, it can last for up to twenty years. However, window lettering is also simple to remove; you simply scrape it off. This means you can test lettering options, logos, and designs for your business without spending a fortune or having to commit to a design permanently. Window lettering is also designed to allow window-shoppers to be able to view the inside of your store, or you can have it made to hide your interior if you so choose.

The best part of window lettering is that it won’t blow your budget. In most cases professional window lettering will cost you a few hundred dollars, as opposed to a few thousand for a storefront sign. This way you not only get your name out to customers, but also do it at an affordable price.

For some clients, window lettering is all they need, while for others it makes a great initial stepping stone in their advertising and branding endeavours.

Whatever your signage needs, the experts at Burry Signs are here to help. Give us a call today at 416-778-7514.

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When to use Acrylic for a Reception Sign
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When to use Acrylic for a Reception Sign

Reception signs

Reception Signs need to be made of products that can be finished to perfection since they are displayed like furniture in high end office settings. They speak for the professionalism of the company they portray and usually are viewed from a couple feet away. Acrylic boosts the characteristics necessary to produce and finish a office reception sign any company would be proud to display.

Acrylic can be laser cut. Unlike a router, laser cutting produces nice tight inside corners and finished edges, since it does not use a tool bit leaving rounded inside corners or tool marks on the edge. The laser beam is very thin leaving the inside shape of a’s and e’s as well as the 90 degree corners found in many other letters perfectly shaped. The heat from the laser melts and polishes the edge of the letter during the cutting process. No tool marks can be seen.
Acrylic can be professionally painted. Most brands require pantone colour matching. The paint systems available today provide high quality paint finishes and colour matching. You can even specify the sheen to be glossy, semi-gloss or matte. The pantone colours are formulated much like paints bought at home supply stores. To date I have not had a customer complain about a colour matched using the system.
Acrylic is available in a variety of thicknesses and can be glued. Very useful when producing a logo that needs to be layered (as above). You can mix up the thicknesses of the different layers creating a more interesting 3D logo.

Acrylic can be drilled and tapped. Meaning, metal studs and spacers can be used on the back of the lettering, allowing it to be installed on the surface with some space between the mounting surface and the letter. A very nice touch!

Not all logos should be produced in acrylic. If you want a metal finish I recommend you use metal. Acrylic will never be able to replicate metal finishes without looking fake. Logo’s with fine lines and detail should also be done in metal. Acrylic is brittle and can be broken during the assemble or installation process. If you want a colour logo and do not have any logo details to be concerned about acrylic is an excellent material for an office reception sign.

If you are in the market for an office reception sign Burry Signs would be happy to help you!



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04/06/15 News

Give Your Business an Eye-catching Sign

A professionally crafted, eye-catching sign not only identifies the location of your business, but combines advertising, marketing and branding in one. A well-designed sign with an attractive logo can tell customers and passerby about your business, what it does, and what it stands for all in one shot.

The sign tells them not only where your business is located, but helps establish your brand.

Some markers of an eye catching sign include:

-Bold and bright colours.

-Striking images.

-Attention to font selection.

-It fits the tone and vibe of your establishment.

Design elements for a business sign include text, colors, and images. Using these, our expert designers can create a sign that’s practically impossible to walk by without noticing. A memorable sign potentially means new customers, and a great sign should always be part of your advertising strategy.

A sign that pops can draw in people, while a nondescript one blends into the background, which deters customers from entering your shop on a whim. So it’s important that when looking for a quality storefront sign to leave it to the experts.

Your business sign is the chance to make a lasting first impression on prospective clients. As such, it offers an opportunity which should be used well, to promote your products and services as well as to share your vision.

If you’re looking to get a sign that pops, be sure to contact the sign and design experts here at Burry Signs Studio Inc. a call at: (416) 778-7514.

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