Various Retractor Banner Stands

Retractor Banner Stands

Banner Stands make large signage easy!


Retractor Banner Stands

Transporting and storing large graphics could not be easier then a Retractor Banner Stand. They work very much like a window blind. The banner rolls down into the base of the stand protecting it from damage during transportation or storage. The collapsable pole fits into the base and the full unit slides into an easy to carry bag. The shipping size of the 33″ x 79″ Banner is 4″ x 4″ x 34″ and weighs about 4 lbs. Standing the banner is just as easy.


Uses of a Banner Stand?

The most common use of banner stands is at Trade Shows and indoor events. They are simply a very convenient system for anyone needing graphics on the go. Standing, transporting and storing the banner could not be made easier. They are also used in retail stores and offices. Any where you want to free stand a large graphic for a promotion of a product or service.


Most common sizes

33.5″ x 79″
48″ x 79″
Ask about other sizes


Changing your banner?

Yes, your banner can be changed. The stands allow a banner to be removed and a new banner reloaded. In most cases the banner removed will not be reusable. If you have an existing stand we would be happy to print you a new banner and change the graphics in your stand.