Recent Project: Batifole, Local French Restaurant
11/10/16 News

Recent Project: Batifole, Local French Restaurant

Do you run a local business? Then you know all too well how important it is to have strong advertising initiatives! Having a design team behind you is paramount in creating visual appeal to attract new customers, and to keep your loyal customers coming back.

While the main focus should lie in the products or services, an additional trajectory needs to be set when it comes to advertising. Using materials like signs, business cards and other unique means, will reinforce your local business’ identity and clean, attractive and clear advertising is what makes the difference between a semi-successful local business and one that becomes a fixture in the city!

Recently, Burry Signs helped local French restaurant Batifole (located in Chinatown at 744 Gerard Street East), create a brand new standing banner. Here is a bit about what we did for them.


Batifole is an intimate French restaurant that serves simple and delicious French fare. It’s been a popular among the residents of Riverdale and Leslieville for more than a decade and is cited as a great place to unwind, relax and enjoy simple comfort food. Batifole exudes a friendly atmosphere, a place where people can spend time among friends. This is something they wanted to reflect in the elements of their visual advertising.

When we began their design, they first supplied us their logo along with an image they wanted to include (the graphic of a dancing couple). We used these elements and what we knew about the restaurant to create the right balance of elements for both an attractive and effective printed banner.


Through this process we came up with a winning design, which received great feedback from the restaurant. They liked it so much they decided to create a set of matching business cards!

Working with a creative design team like ours at Burry Signs will help unify your advertising initiatives in an affordable way. Get in touch with us today for any inquiries or to start your next project!










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The Advantages of Vinyl Banners
21/09/16 News

The Advantages of Vinyl Banners

Vinyl banners are the ultimate branding symbol when it comes to advertising a business or a large-scale event. They combine durable materials and digital printing that can be applied to a variety of uses, and with the right technology there is no limit to what you can do creatively. Here are some of the best advantages of vinyl banners.

Innovative and inexpensive

Gone are the days of heat pressing vinyl directly onto a banner. Digital printing has not only made vinyl banners easier and less expensive to produce, but the quality is astounding in comparison. We’ve said goodbye to funny-looking clip art and limited block fonts and hello to the world of high quality colours and images. Now that everything is digitally printed, there’s a higher accuracy of colour representation and designs can have as many layers as desired!


Vinyl banners resist tearing and can withstand some of the harshest weather conditions. The work isn’t done in vain like it once was with cloth and paper banners. In fact, the ink used for digital printing can even be UV resistant – so hours of sunlight will not leave your vinyl banner damaged or vulnerable to deterioration.


Vinyl banners have a wide number of applications. Perhaps a film festival has been launched in your city or a new restaurant is opening up. You can use vinyl banners to advertise anything like…

  • City-wide events
  • Festivals
  • Concerts
  • Conferences
  • Districts
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Corporate parties
  • Birthdays
  • Family Reunions

Burry Signs offers quality custom large format digital printing in the Toronto area. We can help you find the perfect sizing, materials and finish for your vinyl banner, and will work with you to apply any specifications you may need. Take a look at our portfolio to see what we’ve done. If you have any inquiries get in touch with us today to get the process started.






















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What Makes a Great Logo?
25/07/16 News

What Makes a Great Logo?

We’ve already covered why having a logo is essential for business success, how they change customer behavior, and how our signs can help make yours shine, but we thought we would dig a little deeper and find out just what makes a great logo. Experts have weighed in on the topic, and certain tips have stood the test of time. Here are some great tips for those companies looking to make a great design and put it on the front of their business.

Your logo should distinguish you from your competitors

The last thing you want to do is emulate what someone else is doing. Your logo needs to help you stand out from the rest. This not only means using the right colours and shapes, but also making sure there is a distinguishing characteristic. Everyone remembers Coca-Cola for their cursive script, Ebay for their colourful letters, or McDonald’s for their giant swooping arches. Make sure your logo stands out.

Keep it simple

You don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Customers think in the moment, and you want your logo to be instantly recognized. The simpler a logo is, the easier it is to look at and easier it is to remember. With split-second decisions, the human brain doesn’t have time to take many different things in when acting on visual cues. Think of how Apple changed their colours from the rainbow to solid black. Simple aesthetics are what make your logo work. When placed on a sign or made with vinyl letters, they are even better.

Risk taking

This is a controversial topic, but one that has gained steam in recent years. As more and more adventurous start-ups hit the market lead by young people appealing to a young demographic, riskier logos are starting to become the norm. We mean risky as in ones that have the ability to knock someone out of the park or catch someone’s eye, but might not be the traditional concept of logo. Think of Snapchat – their logo is a ghost. Think about, a major online content hub – theirs is a little alien. A risky logo can knock your competition into left field and hit a homerun for your company.

Nothing makes a logo look better than when it is on the front of your building on a beautiful sign, on a car or truck or designed with vinyl lettering. But knowing what makes a great logo in the first place is crucial before you contact a professional company to make your sign. Make sure you take some risks, keep it simple, and distinguish yourself from your competitors.

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How Retractor Banner Signs Can Help Your Business
22/06/16 News

How Retractor Banner Signs Can Help Your Business

Deciding on a marketing strategy for your business can be difficult. Successful companies are constantly adapting the way that they advertise to find new avenues to appeal to customers. Retractor banners have become a common and effective way of attracting attention to your business. The retractor stand facilitates a large free-standing banner that can be easily rolled down into the stand for convenient transportation and storage. Here are some ways that retractor banner signs can help your business.

Easy Travel and Storage

Retractor banner signs are perfect for travelling businesses or on the road advertising campaigns. The banner rolls down inside the base creating an easy to carry compact unit. The base protects the banner for storage and shipping and comes with an easy to carry bag. These features make it ideal for advertising your company at trade shows, farmers’ markets, conferences, or any other travelling business indoor event. They’re easy to assemble and take very little space to store, so they’re also the practical choice for any company looking to save space but still make a lasting impression on their customers.

Dynamic and Eye-Catching

Retractor banner signs are compact when folded up, but they’re larger than life when fully extended. These signs are great for grabbing people’s attention and making sure your business stands out in the crowd. There impact and size also make banner stands a great choice for use in large buildings as free standing signage. The most common sizes of Retractor banner signs are 33.5″ x 79″ or 48″ x 79” but a few other stand sizes are available.

Finding new and innovative ways to advertise your company can be a daunting task. If you’re looking for an exciting and convenient way to promote your business, contact us at Burry Signs and we’ll find the perfect signage to help your business blossom.

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Why Your Business Should Have a Vinyl Sign
07/04/16 News

Why Your Business Should Have a Vinyl Sign

The days of simple, boring signage are gone. Today’s marketplace calls for versatile, stunningly-designed, eye-catching signage for companies. With today’s technology and saturated business market, you need to really stand out to survive. Burry Signs recognizes this, and that’s why we offer vinyl signs to companies around Toronto. They are the perfect fit for businesses looking to attract more customers. Here are just a few reasons why your business should have a vinyl sign.


Vinyl signs are great for indoor and outdoor use


Whether you are a restaurant, office, furniture store, or even a bank, a vinyl sign is a great fit because it can be used both indoors and outdoors regardless of the weather. We can put a beautiful design on the facade of your building or we can put up a great banner on the inside for everyone to see. Looking to stand out at a busy trade show? We can help! Need a banner to put across the front of your store for an outdoor festival? We can do that too!


They work on any surface


Want a sign for your car, boat, window, or wall outside of your business? We’ve got you covered. The beauty of our vinyl signage is that it can be customized to fit any surface. We can customize and fit everything from a trade show banner to a sidewalk design.


The design options are limitless


With our digital designing technology, you can choose from a large palette of colours, fonts and images. The designing options are only limited by your imagination. The best thing about it is that the signs can be repositioned for use seasonally. We can create unique, eye-catching special effects using our cutting-edge designing technology that can help your business stand out.


Having a great banner for your business helps you get more attention by making you stand out from the masses. Don’t be limited by boring one-dimensional signs. These are just a few of the reasons why you should get great vinyl signs for your business. Welcome to the 21st century of business advertising!


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Planning a Special Event? Order a Banner!
18/02/16 News

Planning a Special Event? Order a Banner!

Sometimes an everyday sign just isn’t enough. For special events, you want to make sure that you get the word out in a big way – and we’re not just talking about flyers. If you want to get the news out that you are holding a big promotion, having a sale, hosting an event, or launching a new location or collection, you should be looking at ordering some banners.

What’s So Great About Banners?

  • They’re easy to ship (so you can have one fast, and in multiple locations). This is because they are roll-able, which allows you to save on shipping costs.
  • They’re cost-effective for temporary events (they’re not as expensive as regular signs, and do not require additional substrates or laminates).
  • You can roll them up and store them for use again. (Think about annual sales, Christmas promotions, yearly events, etc.)
  • Banners are a great way to change up your business’ look and show customers that something new is going on.
  • They are a great way to make your name and logo even more visible.

What Does Burry Signs Offer?   

We have several different options, depending on if you are looking for an outside or inside banner, and for how long you anticipate using this banner.

We have an option for every need, including:

  • Exterior Wall banners
  • Storefront pole banners
  • Patio banners
  • Retractable Banner stands
  • Interior wall or hanging banners
  • Banners to mount to temporary structures or fences
  • Interior office prints
  • Posters
  • Window renovation coverings

If you have an event that needs more visibility, call us today. We’re experts at getting the word out, indoors or outdoors, rain or shine. We have a banner for every event, and we can have one made, shipped, and at your door before you’ve even printed the flyers.

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Signs and Symbols: More Important than You Think
08/02/16 News

Signs and Symbols: More Important than You Think

Creating an excellent product is only the first step to drawing your customers in. To build a truly successful business, you need to consider the representation of your product to your customers. Think of the brands that you love – how do they make you feel?

In most cases, you will realize that you have a strong emotional response to the symbolic representation of the products that you hold dear. Successful companies understand this, and spend endless hours and dollars creating that emotional connection to their product. Think of Coke, Nike, and countless others.

In fact, when The Gap tried to change their logo (not the name, just the symbol of the name) to the lower-case the gap, their customer base responded immediately. There was an instant negative reaction to this simple, and almost unobtrusive modernization of a business logo. They had to change back to the original version to avoid alienating their most loyal consumers.

This all goes to show that the way your product is represented in signage is incredibly important to your image and success. At Burry Signs, we understand the difficulty and importance of creating your symbolic representation. We know that colors and shapes hold emotional meaning for you and your consumer, which is why we will work with you to create the most effective sign possible.

We take our job seriously, and we will go above and beyond to help you create the sign and logo that is the best fit for your business. Check out our portfolio to get a sense of the high quality work that we produce every day. We take the time to get to know you and who you are, then use our experience and passion to turn your business into a symbol that will stay in your customer’s mind and heart – and keep them coming back.

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Want More Customers? Get a Logo!
18/01/16 News

Want More Customers? Get a Logo!

It is impossible to think about the largest and most successful companies on the planet without thinking of the logos that go with them. Usually they are fairly simple – an apple, the golden arches, or the silhouette of a basketball player – but don’t be fooled. Logos are extremely powerful tools. We specialize in crafting signage with your business’ logo on it. If you want more customers, then you should get one. Here is how they help.

Information in limited time

What vast amounts of research has shown is that logos heavily affect the decision making process when time is short. What’s more, the consumer processes the information in the same area of their brain where they process self-identity. So what’s happening is that the consumer, if they like the brand, associates that company or product with how they see themselves. It becomes a part of them.

That’s why so many of the world’s most successful brands come with a lifestyle around it. Clothing, electronics, food, and plenty of other businesses all focus on these areas. Yours would do well to have that sign hanging on the outside so that customers passing by could recognize it and come on in

Colour, shape, and meaning

What first catches a person’s eye is the colour of the logo. That colour is recognized by the brain instantly. Shortly after, the brain begins to form the object into a shape, and then adds in past experience and semantic value. For example, if they’ve bought from you before and liked the experience, this will solicit a positive response from the brain. What this means is that eye-catching colours should be on the top of your list.

Logos change behaviour

Believe it or not, logos, and perhaps the emotions associated with them, changed the way that people behaved across numerous brain studies. People subliminally shown different brands acted differently, and even scored differently on tests. This could mean that they have powerful effects on how we act and make decisions that we don’t even have control over. For your business, this means a beautifully-made sign with your colourful logo hanging on the front of your business is your ticket to molding how people perceive you.
Business is competitive, and you can be sure that your competitors are going to be looking for every edge they can get. Having colourful, shapely, and creative signs on the front of your building is your ticket to getting more customers, and proudly displaying your logo will help bring more people in the door. Burry Signs has years of experience crafting great signage for local businesses. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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How Exactly Do Signs Help Your Business?
01/12/15 News

How Exactly Do Signs Help Your Business?

Having a business with a great product or service is half the battle. Letting people know that you have that business is the other half. We all know that a large, clear, and well-designed sign on the front of the building is good, but few are aware of how signs help your business. According to a study done by a major university, signage has a big positive effect, and here are the statistics to prove it.

They attract new visitors

It might feel like common sense to think that your storefront sign can attract new visitors into your business, but you’d be surprised to know how many people came knocking on your door just because of the sign that you had on the outside. A study done by FedEx Office concluded that 8 out of 10 of the respondents said they walked into a store just based on its signage.

They reflect well on your business

Ever walk by a store with a rusty sign that was half hanging down and missing letters and then thought “wow that place looks great!” We doubt it and apparently most people do to. That same study found that 70% of respondents thought the sign outside of a business reflected the quality of the products for sale inside. By showing that you care about your outward appearance, you communicate that you care about what you sell.

People don’t want to visit stores without signs

This one doesn’t surprise us much at all. Signs are so commonplace that we notice when a place doesn’t have one. If they were legit, then wouldn’t they want people to be able to see them? 60% of respondents said that the absence of a sign deterred them from entering a business.

Enhancing your sign enhances your business

In a study conducted by the University of Cincinnati nearly 60% of business reported that enhancing the sign outside of their business resulted in a positive impact on sales – mostly because new people noticed them and perceived their business to be better simply because of the design on the outside.

It is good seeing people finally trying to quantify the value that a well-made exterior sign can add to your company. Here at Burry signs we make some of the best signage in the business, including expertly designed storefront signs, and we know the value of a professionally made sign and how it can help your business.

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The Many Qualities of Adhesive Vinyl Print
20/07/15 News

The Many Qualities of Adhesive Vinyl Print

Vinyl printing is one of the most versatile and commonly used types of print utilized in the creation of signs and large images today. As well as being used on signs, vinyl print is seen all over the city on cars, trucks, busses, windows and walls. Chances are you have already used vinyl print for your business. Here is a few reasons why…

Cost Effective

Compared to other products available on the market today, vinyl printing is among the least expensive short-run  graphic production methods. The fact that vinyl needs to be applied to a substrate Is the only reason it is more expensive then direct-to-substrate printing. Yet the quality and durablity of the print makes up for the difference in cost. There are a variety of vinyls available allowing you to use a less expensive vinyl for temporary events or promotions or high quality vinyls for long term use.

Weather Resistant

The fact that vinyl can resist harsh weather conditions is why it is the #1 choice of businesses that need outdoor signage. It can resist heavy rain, wind, heat, and the Canadian cold. Our inks are Eco-solvent and therefore water resistant and hold up very well under direct sunlight . Clear vinyl laminate overlays are used to protect the printed image from airborne dust. There are different grades of vinyl available offering varied exterior life expectancy rates ranging for 1 to 10 years. making vinyl practical for temporary or long term use.


One of the great things about adhesive vinyl prints is that they can go on glass, metal, plastic or just about any other surface. Sealed wood or concrete? No problem. All of the bases of your project are covered. That is why we use it for signs. We print the vinyl and apply it to a wide rage of substrates, many of which you may be familiar with: Coroplast, PVC, Acrylic, Styrene, Foamboard, Plywood, Aluminum etc. – allowing us to provide a full range of signs.

Vinyl is not limited to most flat surfaces. Wrap vinyls are available to handle contours and shapes. Not only can cars and trucks become advertising space but so can fridges, bulkheads, TV props, toolboxes and so on. Removable vinyl is available for surfaces you want to label with a temporary message or change on a regular basis. Honestly, what more can you ask for?

Image Quality

Digital printing on vinyl is a full-colour process, allowing you  to reproduce photographic images and multiple colours in one pass without affecting cost. We are running images at 720dpi. Printing 1/8” legible white type on a colour background is not an issue.  If your image enlarges well, it will print well. We can print a maximum of 52” x 150’ in one piece. From big wall murals to small decals – vinyl printing can do it all.

It is easy to create neat special effects with vinyl by using clear, transparant or metallic overlays or laminates. You can create reflections or tricks of the eye to make your signs stand out to the public. Because vinyl print lettering is applied directly to a surface, it will retain the look of that surface as a background, allowing for some interesting designs.

Vinyl is a great way to go for your business for many reasons, but most of all because of its versatility. Use on it on your restaurant, retail office space, or anywhere you happen to need it. It can resist weather conditions, go on any surface, and be modified to look great. Visit your local Toronto vinyl printing experts today and see for yourself!

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