Guess installation of adhesive vinyl

Cut Vinyl Lettering and Logo services

Burry Signs services help make Vinyl Lettering easy!

Burry Signs has a long history with cut vinyl lettering in Toronto. We were the second company in Toronto to buy the equipment to cut vinyl lettering. When our father saw the equipment first introduced, he was very excited.  He could see vinyl lettering replacing his brush and calligraphy pen talents, and through this new technology he could pass his work down to his children without teaching them hand lettering skills. That time in Burry Signs history was a turning point for the business. The children mastered the technologies and skills required for vinyl lettering. During the process we also developed the services requested by our customers to fully satisfy there needs. We can service our customers from concept to completion. Meaning all you really need is the idea.


Vinyl Lettering Design Services

Vinyl Lettering is computer-cut and easily transferred and applied to many surfaces. The end result is an letter that appears to be painted on the surface. There isn’t a clear or white carrier sheet. The background surface, whether it is wood or glass etc., remains as the background. This makes vinyl lettering an excellent media for windows, walls, wood or metal or plastic boards, cars, trucks and boats. Our design team can help you with the design process – determining fonts, colour, size, type layout for windows, boards or vehicles. We providing on-line proofs, vinyl samples, on-site or sit down consultations with our designer. Burry Signs design services are flexible to meet your projects needs.


Logo Redraw or Vector File Generation

Almost any line artwork can be cut in vinyl. All that is needed is a vectored file with a cutting line for the computer to follow (Illustrator.eps with the fonts outlined). Most businesses can easily provide the necessary files for there brand. Some however, can only find picture files like .jpg or .tiff .png, because of this we have a lot of experience redrawing logos or line artwork as a vectored file. The new tracing tools in the programs today have a long way to go before they get as good as our artists.


On-site Vinyl Lettering Installation

You may not be aware of it but cut vinyl lettering is everywhere. You see it every day on cars, trucks, boats, trains, lightboxes, windows, sign boards and walls. This is why Burry Signs provides on-site installation services in Toronto and surrounding areas. Our team will make applying vinyl look easy. It is for skilled hands. In fact some of our clients simply purchase the vinyl lettering and apply it themselves. For those of you that would prefer to leave the task in our hands we are more then happy to help.


How to begin your project…

Simple email us! Either send an illustrator.eps or .ai or .pdf file (with the fonts outlined) along with scale, colour and surface notes for pricing or simply let us know your need something lettered and we will ask you all the right questions.