Acrylic Office Sign for reception area

Laser Cutting

Laser Cutting

Take your design from the computer into real life with the innovative laser cutting services available through Burry Signs. Unlike other types of signs, laser cut signs can add a dynamic and engaging dimension to any commercial space. Laser cut signs are three dimensional, which helps to create an eye-catching atmosphere and can be beautifully finished to match your corporate colours connecting your business or office space with your corporate image. Display your logo in your office atriums and reception areas or any central striking location in your business and bring your brand to life


Why Laser Cutting?


The quality and detail a laser can achieve cutting acrylic far surpasses a computerized router. The edge of the lettering or logo is smooth and finished without additional finishing technics. 1” thick acrylic can be cut in one pass while producing a beautifully finished edge. Inside corners are tight and true since the laser beam is much finer then the diameter of any router bit. Burry Signs confidently chooses to use laser cut acrylic in the signs we design, assemble and install knowing it is the best tool on the market today to create elegant, perfectly shaped letters and logos. Exactly what you need in an office or business spaces where signage is viewed at close range. Our designers are committed to ensure you get the highest quality sign possible.

Laser cutting is a stylish and cutting-edge way to add a three dimensional design element to your space. For more information on our laser cutting services and to book a laser cutting consultation with our professional designers today, contact us at Burry Signs.