Various type of Office Signs



The reception area of your office is the first opportunity you have to express the nature and character of your business to visiting clients. It is important to make a strong impression that represents your business in a professional creative manner. Branding your office space with your logo, corporate colours or slogans truly makes the space your own while creating the appearance of a well established business. Burry Signs has the know how and experience to help you develop your unique office interior displaying brand eliminates in different forms – dimensional logos, wall lettering or murals, window lettering or frosting and suite signs. Our design services can help you develop your ideas, choose materials and direct you through the many details involved in reproducing brands in the real world. We help you through the full process from design, production and installation.


Logo Reception Signs

Your logo is the face of your business. Time and money has gone into creating your logo, choosing fonts and colours to create a one of a kind image. that represents your business. We understand how important it is to replicate your logo and maintain your brand while considering your office interior design. We can help you choose materials and determine the location and size of office sign so your interior and brand fit like a well made suit. Offering materials that best represent the logo – metals (stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, bronze) in different natural finishes or plastic painted to match pantone colours. Every logo is different and we do our best to maintain the unique qualities of your logo in the sign design.

Wall Lettering and Murals

Slogans, tag lines, phrases or images that are unique to your business are a powerful way to decorate office space. Wall lettering and murals provide a larger then life impression and are cost effective too. A custom wall mural creates a huge impact. Todays technology makes finding artwork for a wall mural easy with all the fantastic libraries of beautiful photography available for purchase. Adding demential lettering to your wall mural increases the ability to express the message you want to get across. What ever you have in mind for your office interior Burry Signs can help you make it happen.

Suite/Door Custom Signs

Welcome your clients with a suite sign before they open the door. They will feel more comfortable and confident they have found the right place. You could professionally label glass entrance doors or display a sign beside or on the door. A suite sign is one more office element that will allow you to display your logo, promote your brand and build your business identity.


We invite you to look through our portfolio at some of the custom signs we have completed. Give us a call or email your logo along with a picture of your office space and we will be happy to make design suggestions that will help get your project moving.