Storefront sign on Queen St. Toronto



Storefront Signs

Rosie, the store owner, was not afraid to be unique with her
sign design in two ways. The position of the sign on the building and the use of materials. She could have easily put a sign up on the obvious
Queen Street frontage (where the website is located) but
chose to focus on placing the sign where is was
most easily read by passing traffic. Extending the sign
past the edge of the building enabled her to draw attention
from foot and vehicle traffic passing in both directions. The construction of her sign is unique as well. The panel is an aluminum shoebox design which at that time was new material used for exterior signs. Acrylic was used for the graphics and  again she was not afraid to do the unexpected by using different
acrylic thicknesses and mounting methods effectively
producing a graphic on multipul levels.

Acrylic lettering for storefront

(south side)

This cute flower graphic along with the
website says it all very simply. No need to clutter up a sign with to much information and a well chosen image can speak a thousand words.

Working with small business is very enjoyable.
I love to see the excitment in there eyes when there new
storefront sign is installed.