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Cut Vinyl Lettering

Vinyl Lettering – so practical it is everywhere!

Burry Signs provides full or part services designing, producing and installing cut vinyl lettering. Computer plotting vinyl lettering from vectored Illustrator files supplied by you or created by Burry Signs while providing a full installation service in the Toronto area for those that need it. We hold in stock a full array of colours, finishes and types of cutting vinyl to ensurea quick turn around time. Our equipment is up to date and our staff fully trained with years of experience since Burry Signs has been producing and applying vinyl lettering since its conception. We work with graphic designers, archictects, store or business owners, marketing companies, property management teams as well as home owners. Your experience with vinyl lettering is not necessary. We can do the job from start to finish – design, production and installation.


What is Vinyl Lettering?

Vinyl lettering is a product produced by computer technology used to cut lettering, logos or simply line artwork from a computer file in a thin factory coloured vinyl sheet that has a pressure sensitive adhesive on the back. Technology that replaced hand lettering artists, like our father, who used calligraphy pens and brushes producing lettering for all type of uses from scrolls, window lettering, store front signs and sale posters. The end result of vinyl lettering is very similar to old school practices although the tools, skills and materials have changed. The lettering looks to be painted onto a surface. The background of the surface around each letter does not get covered. Excellent for lettering glass, wood or plastic – anywhere you want the background surface to remain visible.


Where Vinyl Lettering is Used?

Vinyl Lettering is everywhere – signs – vehicles – windows – doors – walls – equipment and appliances. It can be used indoors and outdoors and applied to all different types of smooth surfaces. There is different grades of vinyl to suit the many applications where vinyl is used. Although, most vinyl types can be used outdoors some grades are designed to have a longer exterior life expectancy. For example – 3.5mil vinyl is rated to last 3 to 5 years outdoors while 2mil vinyl has an 8 year plus exterior life span. The vinyl material is pigmented during the manufacturing process, resulting in truly even – solid and long lasting colour on both sides of the material – front and back – great for window application. There are specialty finishes available – metallic/polished/satin silver and gold, glass frosting, brushed aluminum to name a few. Some are designed to transmit light – often used on store front light box signs. Vinyl lettering has become a truly versatile product. The surface simply needs to be dust and grease free, smooth and not have any chemicals on or in it that will damage the adhesive. This means it can be applied to glass, finished wood and metal (except powder coated metal), paper products, plastics and painted surfaces (paint must meet manufactures recommended curing time – not dry time). Naturally, since we are a Sign Company that has been in business since 1964 producing custom signs – vinyl lettering is a process we have been using since its conception and have mastered. If you have a surface you want lettered ask Burry Signs how.


How Vinyl Lettering Works?

The vinyl material used to create vinyl lettering is a two part system – carrier sheet and a thin layer of vinyl with pressure sensitive adhesive on the back. The vinyl is cut from a computer file as the lettering is set on the file – word, paragraph, logo or line art form. Once the vinyl stock is cut the background or waste vinyl is removed leaving the required lettering on the carrier sheet in the form it was cut. A transfer sheet is then applied to the full cut area making the letter a three part system – carrier sheet, adhesive vinyl and transfer sheet. The transfer sheet allows you to lift the lettering off the carrier and move all the lettering at one time while maintaining letter spacing and position and apply them onto a surface as if they were one piece. Once you have burnished down the letters the transfer sheet is peeled off leaving the lettering on the surface. The end result is lettering that appears to be hand painted except each letter is perfectly shaped. All the “e, s, o” look the same size, thickness and style as designed in the computer.


Getting Started…

Simple email us! Either send an illustrator.eps or .ai or .pdf file (with the fonts outlined) along with scale, colour and surface notes for pricing or simply let us know your need something lettered and we will ask you all the right questions.


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