Aluminum Office Sign for Hahn

Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cut Signage

With today’s innovative computer technologies and water jet cutting creating a beautifully crafted stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze or copper logo has never been easier or more cost effective. The days of hand cutting with a torch and grinder are over. The limits of what can be accomplished are minimal with a water jet cutter. Lettering as smallas 1” can be achieved maintaining a beautiful edge and letter shape. Burry Sign utilizes water jet cutting technology due to these advancements and quality improvements in the signs we design, assemble and install. You will see looking though our site some beautiful crafted high-end reception signs designed to suit the space and reflect the personality of the business. Some of these sign are our personal favorite and we hope to have the opportunity to design another office sign masterpiece for your business or client.


How to begin the design and pricing process of an Office Reception Sign


Simply email a picture of the office space wall including surrounding areas where you plan to locate the sign along with a computer file of the logo (.pdf .ai or .eps preferred). Provide an estimated size and your contact information in the email. Our designer will call you to discuss your vision and make material suggestions that suit the character of your logo. A quote will be provided to determine if the sign fits your budget. If you would like to proceed with the project a site visit may be necessary to work out small details and to ensure your logo fits your space. Once we are both pleased with the design decisions we have finalized you will be provided a proof for your approval. Upon final approval your sign will go into production and be ready for installation in 3 to 4 weeks. It is that easy!


What to expect during installation of your Office Reception Sign


Our designer will call to make arrangement for your sign installation when your sign is ready. On arrival the installer will position a template on the wall allowing you the opportunity to determine the best height and position of the sign in the office space. This is your chance to say a little up or down and over to the left ensuring the logo is easily seen from different angles without obstruction. Not until everyone is pleased with the perfect position of the sign will the installation begin. The average installation time of a reception sign is approximately one hour on a drywall surface. There will be about 15 minutes of drilling during that time. We use an electric drill so it is not very loud or disruptive to your business. Leave our installer to it and go about your business. Your staff and clients will find the installation exciting and entertaining. When it is all said and done your sign will be something you are proud of and you will be the star in your office space!