Lettering for windows



Window shopping is something we all do. In todays world it has a whole new meaning. Advertising on windows is used by all types of businesses not just retailers encourage potential customers into there establishment. Service industries like Dentists, Lawyers, Hair Dressers and more all use window lettering to promote new business. It could be as simple as contact info and business hours or a graphic design meant to attract attention, brand and decorate your business frontage. Marking your windows is one of the most cost effective forms of local advertising available. As a business it simply makes sense to use it!


Cut Vinyl Lettering for Windows

Cut vinyl lettering is the most professional looking media used for window lettering. There isn’t a clear carrier sheet that ultimately shows on the glass. Cut lettering looks as if it is painted onto the window surface. Another benefit of cutting vinyl is the colour. It is not printed on the vinyl surface. The vinyl is pigmented during the manufacturing process. Meaning the colour is more light resistant then a printed image and will show colour on both sides of the glass, inside and out. There is many colour available including some speciality colours like frosting and metallic gold and silver. Oh, yes – it can be cleaned and even though it is considered a permanent graphic it can be removed.


Vinyl Lettering Window Installation

Many of our clients like to save some money and install there window lettering themselves. It is not rocket science but it can be tricky depending on the design. Most of our clients would prefer to leave the application of lettering in our professional hands. If something goes wrong we fix it.


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