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Vinyl printing is one of the most versatile and commonly used types of print utilized in the creation of signs and large images today. As well as being used on signs, vinyl print is seen all over the city on cars, trucks, busses, windows and walls. Chances are you have already used vinyl print for your business. Here is a few reasons why…

Cost Effective

Compared to other products available on the market today, vinyl printing is among the least expensive short-run graphic production methods. The fact that vinyl needs to be applied to a substrate Is the only reason it is more expensive then direct-to-substrate printing. Yet the quality and durablity of the print makes up for the difference in cost. There are a variety of vinyls available allowing you to use a less expensive vinyl for temporary events or promotions or high quality vinyls for long term use.

Weather Resistant

The fact that vinyl can resist harsh weather conditions is why it is the #1 choice of businesses that need outdoor signage. It can resist heavy rain, wind, heat, and the Canadian cold. Our inks are Eco-solvent and therefore water resistant and hold up very well under direct sunlight . Clear vinyl laminate overlays are used to protect the printed image from airborne dust. There are different grades of vinyl available offering varied exterior life expectancy rates ranging for 1 to 10 years. making vinyl practical for temporary or long term use.


One of the great things about adhesive vinyl prints is that they can go on glass, metal, plastic or just about any other surface. Sealed wood or concrete? No problem. All of the bases of your project are covered. That is why we use it for signs. We print the vinyl and apply it to a wide rage of substrates, many of which you may be familiar with: Coroplast, PVC, Acrylic, Styrene, Foamboard, Plywood, Aluminum etc. – allowing us to provide a full range of signs.

Vinyl is not limited to most flat surfaces. Wrap vinyls are available to handle contours and shapes. Not only can cars and trucks become advertising space but so can fridges, bulkheads, TV props, toolboxes and so on. Removable vinyl is available for surfaces you want to label with a temporary message or change on a regular basis. Honestly, what more can you ask for?

Image Quality

Digital printing on vinyl is a full-colour process, allowing you to reproduce photographic images and multiple colours in one pass without affecting cost. We are running images at 720dpi. Printing 1/8” legible white type on a colour background is not an issue. If your image enlarges well, it will print well. We can print a maximum of 52” x 150’ in one piece. From big wall murals to small decals – vinyl printing can do it all.

It is easy to create neat special effects with vinyl by using clear, transparant or metallic overlays or laminates. You can create reflections or tricks of the eye to make your signs stand out to the public. Because vinyl print lettering is applied directly to a surface, it will retain the look of that surface as a background, allowing for some interesting designs.

Vinyl is a great way to go for your business for many reasons, but most of all because of its versatility. Use on it on your restaurant, retail office space, or anywhere you happen to need it. It can resist weather conditions, go on any surface, and be modified to look great. Visit your local Toronto vinyl printing experts today and see for yourself!

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